Anyone here do US tax liens from Australia?

Hi everyone,

We keep being told that people are doing US tax liens from other countries but have yet to find anyone doing that.

We are investigating whether it is possible to do US tax liens from Australia and if anyone can point us in the direction of info about doing it from Australia we’d be grateful.


Hello, Just found your post, sorry about the delay in answering your question. Yes, Anybody from any country can profit from Government Secured Tax Lien Certificates. I have helped literally hundreds of people from Canada, some from Europe, and even a client from Saudi Arabia. It is the same deal for Australia. I would be glad to help point you in the right direction.

Good Luck. I wish you the absolute best in all of your real estate investing in 2010!

Thanks for the reply I’ll take a look at your website.

Did you have any questions on “the 7 steps to purchase properties at tax sales”?

Sorry too busy with my businesses and investigating other opportunities at present - I probably won’t take a look for a week or so yet.

If you are looking to get a property off of a Tax lien you would be better off waiting to get struck by Lightening and winning the lottery all in one day. It is really rare that you will get property this way. I know of only a few people that ended up with anything off of them.

Now that being said YES I buy tax Liens they are a great way of getting 10-31% Interest on your Money.

When you buy Tax liens on land you have a better chance of ending up with the property.

Now is when I sit here and wait for taxlienadvisor to disagree.

How hard are they to buy?

Simple you call the County and get ahold of the Clerk and Recorder office and they will tell you who takes care of that.

We are not looking to get property just a way of gaining interest. We wouldn’t want to be managing properties in the USA from Australia.

It may be simple when you are in the US but I don’t think it’s that’s simple from outside the USA which is why I asked the question :biggrin

At some stage I will meet someone in Australia doing tax liens…

Honestly it is not that hard of a process no matter where you are. Here is why I say that. When I go on vacation in another State before I go I will purchase a tax lien VIA. Telephone. This way I can write off a large portion of my travel as a business expense. The main cost you are going to have is shipping of the documents. Personally I buy a ton of Clark county Vegas simply because the Interest rate is higher. (19.40% At last Check) and I do all of that over the phone. Why don’t I fly to Vegas to do this? Honeslty when I go to Vegas I would never make the time to get this done. There are better things to do when you are in Vegas.

Hi Kaz202.

I understamd you are busy studying other ventures…I too can get caught up for weeks at a time…if you do at some point have questions, you can always ask. Didn’t intend to imply that you had to respond within a specific time period.

Mr Summit, I try never to disagree with anybody. I do enjoy though comparing different ideas & opinions to help both myself and others. I do have to say though that the Australian made no mention of wanting the property, so telling Kaz202 of the percentage of getting prop. doesn’t really answer the question, although it is a valid point.

I do agree with you that it is rare that you will end up with prop through taxsale…one should not expect this. although, Ithink comparing it to being struck by lightning and winning lottery at same time is a little extravagant. Forexample, only 92% of tax liens in South Carolina are redeemed…so if you bought a 100…you would end up with 8 pieces of property…I woulod love to have these odds on lottery…Now, if you go to Florida, the chances are less than 1%…why is this?..because FL is hybrid and sells both liens and deeds…every state is liens, liens & deeds, deeds, or redeemable deeds…the percentage of acquiring properties through certifiicates can range from 40% of the time, to less than 1% of the time depending on the state.

Back to you, Kax202…I was hoping you had read the report so we could discuss it…I was expecting you to ask me about where I said “always go look at the property even on a tax lien certificate!”…I say this because if you do end up with it, the property may be different from what you saw on the county websit or google earth or somethign like that…In my personal opinion, I do not recommend you purchase tax lien certificates from Australia…many people do it, and many people make really high interest rates, but there is no guarantee on the condition of the property unless you see it yourself. I have worked with people who have overlooked this process, and have purchase tax liens…only to be not redeemed, and they own a cool $50,000 required clean up fee from the County because the land is hazardness and roped off with caution tape.

But if you do want to proceed, and you have questions, I would answer them for you.

Good Luck.


I just noticed your post on Tax Liens in Australia that you did years ago. I had read about them years ago but it was all just too hard from Australia. Just wondering if you ever found out how to do it easier from Australia or was it just too hard.
Would love to hear back from you. Please PM me thank you

I am not sure about the topic but I am from Australia originally but moved to New Orleans 2 years ago. I now invest and wholesale over here and the market is SO much better than Australia. My title company runs a fund that invests in property tax debt and I am looking to make a small investment in it. I don’t have enough knowledge on that topic to advise you but let me know if I can help you translate some American terms to Aussie for you.