Anyone heard of this course? -

Also, can anyone compare it to’s course? thanks!

Similar to a local broker at
Instead of paying the $147 for his program, sign up with the Paramount Wealth Group during one of their free enrollment fee periods (regularly abut $400), sign up for the $29.95 monthly income for life membership (the lowest - they also have a VIP and platinum membership), get all of the resources you need (both from their website and books they supply), download all of the contracts you need, then you could quit after the first month (you can cancel membership at any time). You will have spent a whopping $29.95 for all of the information you will need for rent 2 own investing.

Thanks!! That’s great info!!!

No problem. Sign up for their free “mini” newsletter. This is how I found out about their no enrollment fee promotion (I think they do it twice a year…not sure though. They just did it in January, and again in March, so it might be more than twice. January you received a free 5 day cruise, too :biggrin).

I can’t compare them as I haven’t seen the other program but the Naked Investor program is top notch.

Do you have a link to the Paramount Wealth Group, please?


It’s in my first post


The lease option technique is pretty much the same regardless of the “guru” offering to sell you his particular course. You find a seller who can’t sell and will agree to lease you his property for up to three years with an option to purchase it at a mutually agreed price anytime before your lease expires. You negotiate the amount of your monthly lease payment and who will take care of repairs.

You then turn around and sublet the property to your own tenant to whom you also give an option to purchase. Hopefully, the monthly rent you collect from your tenant/buyer will be higher than the rent you are paying your landlord/seller. Additionally, the price your tenant/buyer agrees to pay you will be higher than the purchase price your seller agrees to sell to you.

This is the sandwich lease option in a nutshell. All the lease option courses follow this recipe. You can be any of the participants in the deal – the landlord/seller, the tenant/buyer, or, the master renter in the middle. Variations in the different course materials will be found in the course author’s approach to negotiation and marketing

The Naked Investor course adds a cooperative assignment wrinkle that most other lease option courses leave out. Essentially, a cooperative assignment is assigning your lease option contract with your tenant buyer back to your seller. It gets you out of the middle of a sandwich lease option deal for an assignment fee which is usually equal to the lease option consideration you collected from the tenant buyer.

David Finkle and Peter Conti’s book “How to Create Multiple Streams of Income Buying Homes in Nice Areas with Nothing Down” is their lease option course. Chapter two of their book – “Making Big Money Investing In Real Estate Without Tenants, Banks, or Rehab Projects” – describes the sandwich lease option technique. You may be able to get free copies of these books in ebook form at their website,