Anyone having a hard time in the wholesale business right now?

I know that the rate which people are buying houses has slowed down considerably. Has this affected your whoelsale business at all? Like to hear what some of you guys/gals think.


Investors never slow down, especially if you’re a full-time investor. For the long-term, full-time investor, the slowdown just means that “houses are on sale.”

If you find a good deal, there’s someone willing to take it off your hands.


From what I’ve seen, the wholesaling business has slowed considerably here. One of the long time investors in my REIA wants to move to Florida. She offered two 3-bedroom houses at the REIA meeting for 50% of FMV and no-one took them. Even a few months ago, someone at the REIA would have taken them on the spot! In my opinion, the reason is that there is so little demand by retail buyers, that rehabbers and flippers have no-one to sell to. This is also partially due to the tightening in the subprime markets.


Hello Aarron,
Business has not slowed for me , seems to have picked up. wholesaled one today for 15k and next week another going for 25k. The phone is ringing with people wanting to sell. It is a numbers game, in any type of market there is opportunity…but only for the people looking for them. You will find what you are looking for if you keep looking, Profitable transactions ! Full time investors learn to change their spots in changing markets. I have found many investors give up when the "hot " market tanked. They only wanted the low hanging fruit. While others still prosper, you will too. !
Just the facts, Darin

I like to tell people in my market that the real estate market sucks. Get out now while you can. Then there are more deals for me. Because as a wholesaler, the market NEVER sucks. I just have to find different kinds of buyers for different parts of the cycle. Right now, I sell a lot to guys who retail with owner finance. They are doing VERY well right now because they are servicing those who can’t loans on the sub-prime market.

The market REALLY stinks …you should quit Now ! send me your leads ;D ;D

No problem. I will send all the ones needing full price because they have no equity. :smile

I am having a bad time actually.The business(my business?)has slowed down

Anyone telling you that the market has died up is trying to get rid of competition. I’m doing exactly what Brandon is and I’m busy as hell.