Hi Guys,
I just started 2 deals, with another one on the way. I am concerned about not finding end buyers after the ss is approved, even tho I am trying to sell them during the whole time. If I don’t find a buyer everything stands still, and the whole thing goes down the drain! :flush I am trying to build a buyers’ list (have a small one) and plan to use a real estate agent to go thru the MLS for 2 of the houses because they are high end–$700K-$800K. My best guess in this mkt is to find an end buyer who wants to buy a home to live in at a deep discount. I’ve also looked into “round robin” style sealed bids. Anyone ever try this or have any genius ways of finding buyers in this down mkt??
Thanks for the support! :cool

contact all the RE agts in your area that work the high end neighborhood that your property is in.
also ck with your local RE association for a list of the top producers for your area. (this is your network of buyers = they have them)
your battle may be that you are selling a property in their area at a discount and that might hurt their Sale prices. if that is a objection then sell it For Sale By Owner and stay out of the MLS. the appraiser would then have to pull up tax records to find the sell. ususally they won’t do that unless they are hard pressed for comparables…

just an idea…a

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking of using the MLS only for the high end homes, because I don’t think any investor wants those. You can’t rent them, and these are not rehabs, they’re like new. But for the 300K homes I will go to my investors’ group, post it on the deal boards and sell FSBO.
Do adds in the paper work for building buyers list?