Anyone have private money contacts in Colorado?

I’m looking for money for a deal I have right now, and any future ones. I’m looking to pay a flat 18% for a 4 month loan of under $30,000.

I am an agent and work for one of the states largest REO brokers, get 5 good deals across my desk per week, easily. I am partnering with an investor/client who does 14 fix and flips at a time, 90% are our properties, with a year long track record of profiting over $20,000 per deal. He will be guiding me through each step of the fix up process. Property will be aggressively listed on the MLS, as an agent I only have to pay one side.

The numbers are very solid (70% purchase price to ARV), with less than $4k in fix up. Price I have it under contract for is $25k less than the next home on the MLS, and its an REO in as is condition (below average).