Anyone have experience with ASC or SLS

Anyone have experience dealing with Americas Servicing Company or Specialized Loan Servicing in trying to negotiate a short sale. The property is in FL if it matters. I assume these are not the lenders but a servicing firm for lenders? Any feedback would help.

Have fun! ASC is a pain to work with. They are usually rude at first, but if you’re nice to them they sweeten up a little, but not much. And you are right, they are the servicers so you’ll have lots of garbage to put up with until you get to the right person.

Jason hit the nail right on the head. ASC is really frustrating. They are totally disorganized and trying to get a reasonalbe answer or solution out of them is like trying to catch the wind.

I pretty much avoid them like the plague. Another one to avoid is Ocwen. They are almost as bad.

There is no need to :banghead when there are so many short sales out there with companies that are much easier to work with.