anyone have a short sale property profile sheet?

How can I find a short sale property profile sheet?

Thanks in advance.

This should be the same property profile sheet you use on any other property.

Use this lead sheet if you don’t have one:

your link does not exist… :frowning:

Lead Date_______________ Docket Number________________ Lender Name____________________________________________

Owners Name________________________________________ Lender Address___________________________________________

Property Address______________________________________ Lender City, State, Zip_____________________________________

Property City, State, Zip_________________________________ Lender Phone_(_______)___________________________________

Owners Number_(________)____________________________ Lender Attorney___________________________________________

Prayer Amount______________ Parcel #__________________ Attorney City, State, Zip_____________________________________

CTA Market Value______________ Loan FHA? (Y) (N)________________ Attorney Phone_()__________________

Current Interest Rate_____________ Monthly Payment____________________ Payment Amount Past Due______________________

What Type of Home___________________________________ Type of Siding or Construction________________________________

How Many Bedrooms_________________ How Many Bathrooms__________________ Type of Basement_________________________

Garage (Cars)____________________________ Central Air? (Y) (N)

Is Property Livable (Y) (N)

After Repair Value Amount______________________

Lets Determine the Viability of a Short
Sales price must be at least 82% of the property appraised value (use County Tax Assessor Market Value), and the sale price must be 63% or higher of what is presently owed.

As Is Appraisal / CTA Market Value / Sale Price_________________ multiplied by 82% =___________________ Net Sale Amount

Amount Owed __________________ multiplied by 63% = ______________________ Lowest Possible Short Sale Amount

Prayer Amount________________(divide sign) As Is Appraisal / CTA Market Value / Sale Price____________ (% sign) = _________% (63%+)

Net Sale Amount__________________ (divide sign) Prayer Amount___________________(% sign) ________ - 100 = (_______ %)