anyone has attended LifeStyles Unlimited seminars ???

hello everyone,

any one here has ever attended Houston’s Lifestyles unlimited seminar???

here is their web site:

what do you think ?

Not only are Lifestyles Unlimited seminars good they are there with every kind of support. I have attended other seminars, information but they are here and gone…seemed as though they just want to get hold of as much of your money as they possibly can as quickly as they can. no help and no follow up without another 2 to 10 thousand dollar investment. Lifestyles unlimited is real help, from real people.

I went to the preliminary seminar in houston,It was pretty interesting they will answer any questions you have and halp you through every step with a workshop. And it will cost 500. dollars for 2 year membership. real investors will be teaching you. Im gonna go when i get the money. later Allen