Anyone had luck with "for rent" web sites?

I am trying to figure out which web sites to use to advertise my rental house located near Orlando, FL. Has anyone had experience with the numerous “for rent” sites such as Yahoo classifieds,, etc? Thanks much.


Craigslist seems to been gaining popularity around the country. You might also try


We use Craigslist and (New Times). When you enter posts in backpage it also shows up on

Haven’t tried Yahoo! Thinking about it. Wonder if anyone gets much traffic with it.

I have been using for about two weeks now with absolutely horrible results. I was referred by another investor who said what great luck she had. Not sure what the problem is, but they give stats and mine says about 150 views but 0 email replies. :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :‘( :’(

You might also try or Both are dirt cheap to put your houses on. I’ve also seen and as well but haven’t personally tried either one. Just the first two.

Sean - is there anything different about your ad than others on the site? For that many hits, you should have had at least 1 response! Is there a way you can “beef up” your description of the property? Are you asking more down or monthly than others on the site?

I suggest only because I’ve heard of others getting good responses from that same site and hate to see the 6 sad faces after your post.

Big Cheese