Anyone from the DC Metro Area?

Are any investors on here from the DC metro area? I’m curious to hear if you are still finding deals with the ridiculous prices.

Also how has the new “preforeclosure” law affected your ability to find preforeclosure deals?


Can you explain the basics of the new pre-foreclosure laws in the District? It is tough to find deals here, looking to the outer suburbs (silver spring, rockville etc…) seems to be a good option.

Well I don’t understand the in & outs of the new law…but I know it puts limitations on how you approach preforeclosures. I was hoping that someone here could shed some light on it as well. It sounds like if you want to contact preforeclosures you need a preforeclosure consultant.

How you approach it is the most important.
Remember, the laws were written to protect the distressed home owner from preditors.

You will want to separate yourself from the herd by acting as a consultant rather than a shark.

Give the home owner some options including those that don’t include you. Explain the pros and cons of each option and offer to work with them to find the best solution to meet their individua needs.