Im new to this forum, Im very interested in flipping properties, but I am from Mass and are nervous to get into it because of the market right now, I don’t think there are any properties in Mass for say 50K then there are in other states or am I wrong? I am thinking of purchasing the book from Rick Villani called FLIP. I also saw a website where you can purchase these lists and you receive them on a monthly basis for 9.99 per week, I did see some in my area, but again nothing for like 50K, more like 150K and up. Any suggestions out there for someone who wants to get into the business?


I’m from massachusetts. North Shore of Boston area. I too have found that it is very rare for a guru/coach to use any examples of the massachusetts areas. However I have attended REI meetings in my area ( has them) and there are plenting doing flips and more in MA. The big thing is the numbers, not just the price of the home. If you can get a home for 280 that’s worth 400, that’s 120 in equity so spending 20 or 30 on repairs/fixup will still leave plenty of profit for you or another investor.

Personally i’m just getting started so I don’t have the $$ to do fixups. I’m going to do wholesaling (find, assign, collect) to build up some capital.

Where in MA are you from?

Im actually from the north shore area as well. I have been wanting to get into this for sometime, but don’t really know how to get started, and with the way prices in Mass are I am a bit nervous. Right now I’ve just been reading articles and forums about flipping. There is a website I was looking at called where you can get lists of properties at wholesale, of course it does cost 9.99 per week, they do show you a sample of a listing and there are some properties in the north shore, whether or not thats outdated I don’t know, I’ve heard of websites that sell outdated lists, example is, I’ve heard those lists are very outdated. So Im a bit leary of joining to get the list of fear that it will be useless, I believe there is a money back guarantee, and a free 30 day trial so I may try it. Have you found the REI meetings helpful?

I realize that it has been a couple of months since these messages were posted, but I am looking to network with other North Shore Mass investors. Anyone interested in sharing thoughts or stories?


I’m originally from Mass…but please don’t attempt to network in the confines of the Forums - it is in violation of the rules.