Anyone familiar with properties in probate?

My mom recently passed and she left an Indiana home in her estate. I want to refinance her existing mortgage, freshen up the property and find a renter. The bank has begun a loss mitigation process. I have communicated to the bank that I wanted to retain the property.

So sorry about you lost. Managing a loss one estate is a challenging and emotional task. It is best that you improve the property so that it value increase in the market, also try to handle all the legal aspect of it by talking to a specialist to know what the local law require of you. Thereafter, you can list it to find a tenant for the property.

Have you spoken with a Real-Estate Attorney yet? Maybe that would be the way to go get the deed in your name first so that when you sell it, it would be straightforward. but I am guessing and still learning, this method just seems straightforward and easier to me.