Anyone Familiar With Hubzu?

I am bidding on a property listed with auction site and am wondering if anyone has heard of them and/or had any dealings with them. I want to be cautious about sending money to organizations I’ve never heard of before.

I just recently saw a video on u tube, I believe it was a foreclosure attorney. The subject matter was how Hubzu and a few other entities where basically “up to no good” There was also a speculation on his part that Oc wen was involved. If I happen to come across it again I will send you the link.
As for my own experience, I have bid on 7 properties in the past 2 months. I was the only bidder and didn’t win the bid. The funny part is that the next time the property appeared, my bid amount was the new “reserve”

I bid and won the property at a price I was very happy with. OC Wen was involved, as I recall, and handled the closing. They were slow and slightly incompetent but even as I kept on top of things and tried to ensure everything was done correctly and on time (even the things they were responsible for) they wound up slipping the closing date a week. A month after closing I checked up on things and discovered they hadn’t paid off the sewer lien despite having escrowed money for it and accounting for the payoff in the HUD1. It took several phone calls and threats to get it finally paid off. I eventually had to go to the township myself to get the now inflated lien payoff sent to them.