Anyone familiar with Countrywide

I called Countrywide about refinancing and had a very positive conversation with them. I was doing some reading last night and happended to read about some very negative experiences that some people have had with them. Before I decide to refinance with them I would like to hear more about this lender. Anyone familiar with Countrywide?

Thank you

Coupla years ago, I had one mortgage with Countrywide.
I had no problems with them.
I’ve had eight with Homecomings and only one problem.
I’ve had two with Flagstar and nothing but problems.
Good Luck,

I have heard many good things about Countrywide. I am a broker and I know that many other brokers in the office like using them. WHere abouts are you located?

Go with Flagstar Bank all day over Countrywide.

Thank you for the responses. I will look into Flagstar. It’s such a process when you call these loan company’s and have to give them all your information before you even find out what the rate is.

Maciej I’m from Connecticut. Just starting out in REI, but would like to refinace our home first.


You have only heard about two banks there are 100s of banks and servicers that may or may not help you

go to a broker who has access to 100’s to 1000’s of banks instead of investigating them 1 by 1