anyone familiar with a phill grove?

if anyone took a course or did a deal with him, i’d appreciate it if you could share your experience…


Before his webinar the other day, I had checked BBB for something on him and I couldn’t find anything. So don’t know any more. His webinar sounded interesting.
Hope this helps a little.

He does have two names at least - Love Austin Homes and Hippie Hollow Homes. He’s from Austin TX.

Hi, yes and no. I too, listened to his webinar, and though I’ve really only purchased one course before, for some reason, there was something about
his program or offer that enticed me and made me think it might be something good to consider. So I ordered his course and it just came yesterday.
I just opened it last night and skimmed through the content. What I can tell you is this: since I ordered I have obtained two instructive emails
regarding my purchase, his course, and his content, and how to proceed. It also comes with some live coaching calls. Also, the presentation of his
materials, written, DVDs and CDs, is somewhat distinctive and rather impressive. One manual is very well laid out and simple. In short, so far it
seems like a good package and offer, and that he is really on top of things from both a business and marketing standpoint. He seems to have a
genuine interest in his student’s success. I was impressed by one testimonial in his webinar where the woman is making $40-50K monthly with
mortgage related something. I can keep you posted, but I’m just on this forum for the first time, and I don’t know how to follow-up or track my
own postings, or replies I give. But I’m: TrishaREI . Also, I really need to make some relatively fast money, and something about him and the way
he came across made me buy. I figured I could always LOOK it over and return it within the 30 days - if I so choose. I’ll be going through it in the
next 2-3 weeks.

phil just had another call earlier this week. i too am looking for information on people who have taken his course. not having much luck finding any success stories. im googling everything. has someone on this forum decided to take his course after posting?