Anyone ever used the SBA after a disaster?

I am in Minot, ND., and we are in the midst of a flood recovery. I had two apartment buildings go under. The SBA inspector is using two different possible assessments of my damage. One is repair and the other is reconstruct. He can’t tell me the difference. Does anyone have any experiance working with them?


I'm sorry to hear about your flood damage! I hope you and your family are safe and well!

Do these two properties currently have SBA loans on them covering the mortgage? Or did you have mortgages paid off by insurance and are looking to rebuild using a SBA loan package?

Repair would be salvaging one of the existing structures by using precision demolition and rebuilding the existing salvageable foundation, frame, and any exceptable portion of the buildings sub trades!

The other property re-construct sounds like either completely reframing and rebuilding from the existing foundation or demolishing the existing foundation and completely re-constructing the property!

They are presumable going to use the AIA (American Institute of Architects) format to project a construction budget using a critical path method to determine an average cost of construction. They may break this into unit pricing because of replacement of specific amounts of materials in linear or square feet.

The SBA inspector will probable use construction cost data from a provider like RS Means and will support that by requesting a single bid or proposal on all construction trades required to rebuild!

They will set up construction payments on a draw system and require partial material and labor lien releases!

They should be very business like and should be easy to work with on a professional level!