Anyone ever use one of those companies that add cashlines to llc's.

I know (search). I have been searching for a while now. But I just would like to know if anyone has ever done business with the companies that claim they can add tradeline to an llc. In order to get cash lines of credit.

Or would it be better to buy a aged shelf corp?

:cool HEY just be carefull as there are a lot of bull companies out there

I have never used any of the things you speak of but a friend or two has and had good results

BUT if your company no matter the set up is not at least 2 years old you are more than likely going to have to put your name personaly to the loan or line of credit /// as your company has no real usable history,29342.0.html

Quickly before anyone jumps in what your talking about is seasoned business trade lines, completely different from seasoned credit trade lines (personal).

There’s ways to do what you want but not through seasoned business trade lines, whoever is offering them is going to scam you because they wont accomplish anything.

Lines of Credit are usually always granted by 1). Length of Business 2). Tax Returns 3). Credit

Getting a seasoned trade line if done right will establish or fix your credit but it will not give your business age or tax returns. A shelf corporation will give the illusion of age but with no financial’s or tax returns its not going to matter unless your bidding for government contracts. What your looking for is a “Parent Corporation” and its going to run at least $50,000.

:cool parent corporation this is new to me tell me more

where do you find this at /// why is it 50.000.00 lot of money ??

Parent corporations are really where all the shelf corporation and seasoned trade line talk came from. Look at it like this-

If you have a shelf corporation all that does is certify that you’ve been in business for a certain amount of time, i.e. 2 years. If you present that to a bank or even an investor they’re going to say great but where’s your financial’s and tax returns? Its a common misconception that you can miraculously foul everyone into believing that you’ve been around forever.

Seasoned Trade lines by themselves are only good for raising established credit scores. For instance lets say our 25 years old and buy a trade line with 20 years of history meaning you had established credit when you were five? It sounds ridiculous but thats what half of the these people are buying.

Parent Corporations are really everything combined, in essence a fully functional corporation with credit, years of profitable tax returns and a long formation history. Basically what they do is piggy back on other corporations willing to lend the information. These corporations are tailored to allow you to meet banks guidelines and allow you to qualify for a loan easily. You’ve never heard of them because they are not viable for the average small business owner and are very complex to set up. You can just go to one of those websites selling trade lines or shelf corporations to buy them but they absoloutley do exist and a lot of huge companies use this tactic everyday. Its almost like reverse merging.