Anyone ever rented or sold a unit that did not have central air/heat ?

Anyone ever rented or sold a unit that did not have central air/heat ?

and the tenant/buyer agreed?

because someone keeps stealing the ac unit (even with the cage).


That doesn't look like any of the cages I use!! (I can't tell if that's a cage in the photo left edge or part of the unit)

Our cages are heavy hardened steel bar (1/2") verticle and horizontal in a mesh (You can not push your hand through it) and is anchored at 10 to 12 places on the wall (Anchors) and may have 8 to 12 anchors drilled into the pad and have #6 3’ - 1" steel stakes driven into the ground and the cage has about 18" of clearance all the way around to prevent reaching through and tinkering with the unit!

They have padlocks in a tamper proof box that when freed allow the two sides, top and front to swing away / swing up for servicing! The cages I use cost me a little over $1.5k installed and I guarantee no thief has the time or energy to cut into it in any quick fashion! It’s custom made and welded in place on site, painted white, Black or any other color I suppose!

Also try to find a video camera set up with a concealed wireless drive and aim the camera’s at your trouble spots, I put actual stickers on my windows and gates announcing the property is monitored by video and wireless alarm system!

The wireless alarm system cost’s about $200 - $250 and sends a signal through Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, Etc.
For properties without power use a deep cycle battery with a solar electric recharging panel you can locate the unit inside and battery / charger in an attic, crawl space, or cabinet and pull temporary wires to your unit!


wow cage cost $1.5k?

the 3ton ac unit only cost $600 + freon

that’s a helatious cage that GoldRiver is using. You can find something adequate from a welding/metal shop for a few hundred.

I have several. There are window units that are not a problem to use and gas wall heaters that work well too.

In your case though I think you need to either secure it better or place it somewhere else. Have you considered putting it on the roof?

Yes, I bought a house and repaired it where they stole the cooper. The thieves came back and hit the ac unit 4 different times within a year :banghead. The tenant in it now brought his window units. It is a small 2 bedroom 1 bath house and the rents are approx $700 a month. I currently have the house under contract :smile. I am taking a $2,000 loss on the property. I figure I can invest the money else where and make up for my losses. It has been a hard lesson on my first flip-flop, although I do see better days :beer!!!


Where were you guys when we were talking about expenses on rental properties…? :anon

I have bought several properties without A/C units - I always pay cash for them and buy on an as-is basis though - and I install the condenser (outside A/C unit).

I would just shell out the cash and get it fixed before you sell it or rent it out. You would turn away too many buyers or renters if they toured your house and saw an A/C condenser sitting there in pieces. BUT put a burglar bar cage around it…that’ll keep away the copper thieves.

Good luck!

they stole another one

So what did you do differently this time? Did you follow EH’s advice to put it on the roof? What are you going to do differently next time?

I hope you didn’t fall into Einstein’s definition of insanity, i.e., “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Was in Hawaii for five years and onlyitwo houses on the island had central heat and air.

Mean average temp year round is 72 degrees.

I live in Houston Texas so that would be like renting a spot in the oven.

A couple of solutions…

  1. sell ‘as is’ with ‘owner financing, no credit required.’ Then it won’t make a difference if the unit has a/c.

  2. put in your contract that the a/c will be installed after closing or escrow cost of a/c after closing and let buyers deal with the issue.

Hope this helps.