Anyone ever own a stucco?

HI, What would you say are the downsides of purchasing a stucco finsihed home? I am looking at one now, and everyone says stay away, unless you are tearing it down. Is there a demand for stucco.

I am in Miami. The home needs a bit of repair. Just wondering if it is worth it, since it would not be purchased at a bargain price.

If people are saying that then you should be able to get a better price? I just completed a total rehab on an early 1900’s Stucco house here in North Dakota. I am a novice at stucco work but it turned out just fine.

Is the house your looking at the newer stucco finish or the older thicker finish? My brother lives in Melbourne FL and he is a contractor for stucco finish. He claims that the newer stucco homes with the correct windows will stand hurricanes much better than other types of siding.

It’s difficult to get an exact match on the finish when you have to do repairs. Rotten wood can also be well hidden in the old stucco finishes. fortunately we don’t have termites here in ND. I would do another stucco house again.


No downside unless it’s a real ugly unusual design. Otherwise it last a long time and same as any other exterior. If it’s in bad shape cracking or separating then just like another get a quote to fix. You will find a few you don’t like stucco but that can be said of anything.

Its the old thicker stucco finish.

I will follow your advice too.

The home is really cute, the area its in could be better, safer etc… But people need places to live. I guess I have just heard so much bad news down here about stucco, and since I have never had one, I am somewhat confused. :icon question: I will definately do some more research.

Yes, the thicker is the older stuff. The new stucco finishes (I am not sure if they call it stucco or not) is an thin coat of mesh over styro foam and a thin coat of mortar in applied over it. In my experimentations I would do repairs to the old stuff with the premixed (new) stuff. The new stuff will stick much better to the old texture when trying to match.

Your best bet would be to find an experienced pro to do it or go out and a book on how to repair it. Keep in mind I have only done it on one house. I had a very difficult time getting the thick concrete mortar to stick to the dry hard stucco.

Good Luck!

If your home is real stucco it is about and inch thick and very heavy. If it is synthetic stucco it is very thin and applied over a foam board. The problem is this. A few years ago a company called DRY-Vit had some major problems with water getting behind their product and rotting the plywood substrate. As a result prices for “stucco” homes down south fell dramatically. They have since fixed the problem but the stigma still remains.
Patching and painting real stucco can transform a house.
Having to re-do the entire exterior will cost your thousands of dollars. It is priced by the square foot and should be easy to estimate. Hope that helps.

I owned a stucco - loved the house - but did have to spend about 8 or 9k getting stucco repaired (which never really matches) and then painted.

It was hard coat stucco. We’re in Georgia and they’ve had lots of problems with the “synthetic” stucco - rot, termites, etc.

Don’t know if I would buy another stucco.

Good Luck !