Anyone ever hear of or use the rehab lenders?

I would like to know if anyone has had any dealing with either Rehab Money in Illinois or Rehab Funding in Pennysylvania? I found them listed under the hard money lenders in the resource section. If you’ve ever used either of these sources how would you rate them? Did you have any problems? I just want to do some checking before I turn over my personal and financial information to someone. Thanks for any responses!

Lady Dy,


RehabMoney in Illinois primarily just loans in the Chicagoland area. Rehab Funding is based in Pennsylvania but loans in 45 states. Rehab Funding requires documents to be sent hard copy rather than e-mailed or faxed, which can be a pain.

Both are decent services and have very similar plans. As with any HML they are expensive in points and rates, but then again you need them to get started and generate revenues to get to the point you don’t need them.

Some money is better than no money.

If you need help working with either, let me know!