Anyone else taken a course by Don Burnham-under many Business names

Payed for Advanced Notes Course up here in Canada,by Don Burnham.Never recieved said course,but paid $5000.00 for it,their reply,take another of our courses for $2995.00.I asked for my money back,but Claudette Kelly student services rep for International Assoc of Investor,s stated we don,t do that.Anyone else been ripped off by this Don Burnham,or any of the Learning Annex Seminar Speakers.Woulk like to hear all about it!.Kathy

I’ve never heard of this guy. Have you requested proof of delivery for the course they supposedly sent you. I would certainly think they would send a $5,000 course via some trackable means. If they aren’t going to cooperate, you might need to sue them. I would also contact the Better Business Bureau or whatever is equivalent up north.

BTW, Donna Bauer has an excellent note course for about $800. I can’t imagine what would be worth $5K in the other course! I have Donna’s course and made $26,000 with 2 notes within 3 weeks of buying the course.

Good Luck,


be very cautious about who you purchase material from! Every Tom, Dick and Harry is pushing real estate these days. Half the people have no experience in real estate…just sales people! There is a few that have been in the business for years and those are the ones you want to take advice from…not the “gurus” who either have no experience or have only been in the business for 2 or 3 years.