Anyone doing SS in Tampa or Naples,Ft Meyers,Cape Coral FL area?

I’m considering moving back to that area again or at least get a little place to go to down there while the foreclosure madness is going on. Anyone doing any SS’s? Any Success…if so What kind of discounts are you getting? I see Realtors are listing SS’s all over CL. Almost every place I look at is vacant and was thinking it might bottom out over the next few months or so and wouldn’t mind getting a place cheap.

I am doing SS I also have my Real Estate license. I am in Tampa. It’s hard to say as far as discounts, I think it depends on lender, situation etc.

Thx gigig,

Since you are doing them, what kind of discounts are you seeing say best case, worse case, and what you seem to see as the average. Are you doing them as a realtor/ negotiator on behalf of the sellers for offers presented by buyers, or as an investor. I lived in Carrolwood about 25 years ago and am now considering the Valrico area as one of my choices.


I am doing them for both myself as Investor, and for other Agents that cannot do them themselves. Like I said before, it is so hard to say. There was one disgusting house that an Investor offered $78,000 for (without seeing) the BPO came in at $78,000. Countrywide said that they were going to let it go to foreclosure because they thought they were going to get more!!! I would not have paid $30,000 for it, in my opinion, it was close to a tear down. If these Investors that made the offer would have seen it they would not have offered $78,000. I told CW that I would send pictures, and they said no. I told them good luck, because it was not going to sell at auction, and it didn’t, it’s still sitting there six months later!
Then another one I did accepted $90,000 and the FMV is $140,000, another house comparable to it sold in 45 days for the same price. This house was fully rehabbed about three years ago, did not need any work. I am planning to sell it on MLS to a retail buyer.
When was the last time you were in Florida? FYI Valrico has changed immensely!

Have not been to FL since 1993. Valrico was just beginning to get built up but wasn’t too bad yet. I used to work at Citicorp at I4/Buffalo and used to live in Carrolwoood section by Waters/Dale Mabry. I buy/Sell houses here in rural NY and was thinking I’d head back and see i I could get a house nice and cheap. Maybe do some buying/selling down there if you can buy them right. With so much for sale and vacants that I see down there, just trying determine what the exit strategies would be so I could get paid. Not concerned about that for house I want to buy for me tho. If I find something I like I’ll keep it and use it.

Thx for the info. How long do ya think it will take to sell your one house on MLS at retail (days on Market).