anyone doing business in new jersey ?

looking to see if any investors are buying or selling properties in New Jersey

:oHi I am looking to buy a house and rehab it in the Jersey City, NJ area. I have not yet found a house that needs rehabing. I’m so glad I saw you post.

I just moved from NJ to NY. I was investing there for quite awhile and did quite well on L/T holdings. If ya can meet the closing requirements for cash in NJ you can do quite well. It is a sellers market there, and homes sell pretty quickly. I bought my house there 3 years ago for 156K and sold it last june for 350K in 1 day. Alot of money to be made there. Today my old house is worh 410K (9 months later). A realtor called me last week and had an 800 sq ft home for sale for 230K in Tinton Falls. 4 homes on the same street (similar) all sold between 275K and 285K. Deals are out there, but expect to look hard for little to no money down deals as people there do not need to resort to those methods to sell their homes. In fact many times there are bidding wars between the buyers, and sales happen pretty quickly.

Good Luck

Good Luck