Anyone does monthly network/training meetings?

I have been contemplating doing this for a while. I did it twice for Realtors, first time I had 4 Realtors attend, second session I had about 10 realtors and investors show up. I am thinking of turning it into a scheduled monthly event open for both Realtors and Investors. I am targeting starting realtors and investors.

I was going to do the newsletter thing by mail, but I am starting to think that newsletter is great for larger geography. But if I want to build referral network, then I need to do it face to face. I have also done one-on-one meetings to help Realtors and Investors get started, but I am starting to quickly realize they need hand holding and not just general direction and answering questions.

isn’t this called a CLUB? Might as well start a club, but understand most people attending will want a mentor and they will want it for free.

You have to ask yourself the question if you think dealing with the people that will never get it or need tons of handholding is worth it, if you find the one person that is awesome.


I do a newsletter to my refferal list. It goes out each month. It is in a form of a greeting card. I will make it a custom card with a picture on the front of the card for either a house that I am selling or maybe I am promoting for a realtor friend.

My content is 60-100 words for creative and the rest is industry news and states for our local area.

Its not really a club. I do provide training, explain to them the business, and answer their qustions. I meet every week with at least one new investor or realtor and I try to answer all their questions. The challenge however, is that answering questions once will not make it sink in. I know some will be a total waste of time… I do recognize couple in this category, but those usually drop out of the loop real quick or I push them to the side since what I am doing is free.

I have already given realtors listings, hooked up realtors with my loan officer who does a great job (someone I am teaching as well), referred deals to other investors. I am also picking up a house one of the investors I meet with sent my way, and a realtor going to release a listing agreement for me to buy one of their listed houses where the owner wants to walk away. I will give them referral fee.

People want mentoring for free, and I don’t mind giving it to them. I think it pays off down the road and most will send deals your way as well.

Yeah thats one of the things I am entertaining but I was thinking of making it a 2 or 4 page newsletter. I am just not sure I want to make the commitment to write an article once a month… The idea however is appealing because you constantly reminding your list of what you are doing and that you are available to do business with. I may end up doing it to sell myself monthly to people I know.

Here is a hint. Make it each quarter. take a list and break it up into chuncks.