Anyone dealing with Lendmark Financial

I have a house under contract which Lendmark Financial (LM) is holding the Mortgage. They operate mostly in the Eastern states.

I have written to them several times to get a payout letter so we can set up a short sale but the representative we speak to, T.M. (initials of contact) is giving us the run-around. They should have faxed or emailed this document over 1 month now.

How do you deal with this type, bypass him/her and speak to their manager or what. :banghead

Why would you need the payoff to get the short sale rolling? Just fax all the necessary short sale documents along with the offer and preliminary HUD to the bank to start the process. I would first obtain a letter of authorization from the seller and call the bank instead of writing them. If you think getting the payoff from the bank is frustrating wait until you start negotiating the short sale. Just need to be persistent and have a lot of patience.