Anyone care to share...

Anyone mind sharing their methods for locating investors who may be interested in wholesale deals, or investors who want newly rehabbed homes to portfolio as rentals or rent to own?

Newspaper ad?
Local networking?

Don’t spend money unless you have to. Look for ads online on in the paper that are from investors/wholesalers. Call them up and tell them you are a birddog and you would like to contact them when you come across a deal. They will say great and give you contact info. Your credibility is made from sending good leads with info on the prop to them. Also attend your local REIC meeting , great way to network. Everyone could use more “quality” leads so a birddog is a commidity as long as you don’t waste investors time looking at dead wood. :bobble

Thanks for the response.

I guess I am not so much a birddog as an actual investor/rehabber.

I am considering buying/ rehabbing and then looking for those who want to build their portfolio by purchasing good clean rentals…any thoughts on this? Does it make sense? Would an investor want to buy a newly rehabbed rental?

There are a variety of ways to find buyers for your wholesale deals, some that have worked great for me are calling all “We buy homes” signs. From my experience people who have there signs out are actively looking and ready to buy. I have done several deals with these people.

Attend REI functions is OK for leads, I have attended alot of meetings and I do get leads there, but there are many inexperienced investors who leave without any leads at all. If you are going to do REI functions be sure to have a 10 second benefit statement ready, as well as some evidence of past successes to build immediate trust and desire to work with you.