Anyone buying in Woodbridge, VA?

I’m very curious–there are a ton of foreclosures down there, but it’s a little bit out of my area. I’d like to know if investors are buying there–particularly now–before I focus on that area more.

Chris (VA)

It’s very nice in woodbridge and seems to be affordable. I live 10 mins from there and will probably be moving there soon

Does anyone know about Fairfax, VA?

I live in Woodbridge and it is a nice area. What part of VA are you in?? You may also want to go to a local REIA meeting to “advertise” these deals. I go to a great one out in Chantilly every month. The meetings actually coming up on the 15th.

I just bought a 4 bed 2 bath, 1900 sq. ft. brick home with a slate roof in Roanoke VA for $8000. (that’s not a misprint) $8000. It’s like another world down there.

The house needed work, sold it in 10 days for $32,000 to a buy and rent investor.

Ton’s of foreclosures in that area for $30K to $50K.

Roanoke’s not exactly close to Woodbridge, but I agree tons of forclosures all around this area.