anyone attending the Wealth Expo?

it’s in New York - at the Jacob Javits Center - Learning Annex.

my fiance and i are going. i’m excited!

Trump, Kiyosaki, Robbins will be among some of the speakers.

Legrand was supposed to be the keynote speaker, but had other arrangements supposedely.

i’m just pysched to go.

I am planning to go, especially since I am getting the VIP ticket at a deep discount.

Believe me, they are not counting on your deeply discounted admission fee to make money. The speakers are counting on bringing in a bunch of newbies with credit cards to support their expo. Do yourself a favor and leave your credit cards at home!


Thanks for the words of caution. I have no intention of purchasing anything.


what type of stuff will they be selling?

my fiance and i are going, so it’s like a weekend getaway for us. i’m just excited to see Trump, Kiyosaki and Robbins.

what type of advice do you have for anyone going? how do i make the most of it?

i had my fiance design new business cards that feature some new information on them…best time to hand them out?


They will be selling expensive courses, bootcamps, coaching, and mentoring. You will find that they will be experts at selling, that is how they make their money.

I just got back from a large REIA convention. There were numerous speakers talking for 90 minutes each. Many of these speakers will probably be at your expo. Each speaker basically gave a 90 minute commercial for their products and then used high pressure sales tactics to get the newbies to the back table with their credit cards. One speaker was selling mentoring (with no particular emphasis on real estate). At the end of his talk, he said that he only had 47 courses and when they were gone, you could not be mentored by him. Then he started counting down the number of courses remaining. 47…42…39…28…19…only 8 courses left…2…1. But then a funny thing happened, after the 47 courses was supposedly gone, he kept selling. Why keep selling if the rest of the people couldn’t be mentored by him?

That is the kind of tactic that you should expect from the “gurus”. The audience will be jam packed with naive wannabes and they will shell over their credit cards by the hundreds. The gurus use group psychology to get the crowd whipped up and this is very effective. They do this by having the audience respond to them loudly and they will give some silly demonstartion about how “ACTION” is needed. One little demonstration they use is to hold up a $100 bill and then ask if anyone wants it. People will raise their hands. The guru will keep asking if anyone wants it. People will stand up and yell “I do, I do”. Then the guru will ask again if anyone wants the $100 bill. Someone will finally jump up, run to the guru, and grab the money. The lesson: it takes ACTION to be successful. The Translation: when we get to the end of my talk, you need to take ACTION by handing over your credit card or your opportunity will be lost forever. Group psychology! It works.

I am not against education. Many of these courses will have useful information. However, I would suggest not buying an expensive course unless you have a specific need for the information. In fact, I would strongly suggest leaving your credit cards at home. Contrary to what the guru says at the seminar, you can always buy their course later from their website. In fact, you might be able to find a course that is just as good but much cheaper elsewhere. A good example is the sub2 course that I bought just before I did my first sub 2 deal. It was an e-book that I bought for $49 and contained an excellent course including all the forms. It was exactly what I needed, just several hundred dollars cheaper than a guru course.

Business cards are cheap and you could certainly hand them out to everyone in sight at the expo. However, the audience will almost all be wannabes (wannabes because they want to be rich, but haven’t done anything yet). The vast majority of these wannabes will get all jazzed up at the expo, but will never do a deal. So handing out business cards to a bunch of wannabes is just a waste of paper and ink.

To show you exactly what the speakers KNOW about the wannabes in the audience, here’s what one speaker did. He offered his course and then said that if you did a deal in the next 90 days, he would refund the money you spent on the course. Why would he do this, because he wanted you to send him a testimonial. GIVE ME A BREAK! He must have shown 20 testimonials during his presentation. He certainly does not need to spend $800 for one more. However, what he does know is that almost no-one will do a deal and his money is safe.

My advice: leave your credit cards at home!



thanks for input. unreal. the $100 thing is very interactive and i can see its effectiveness in conveying a message. i really appreciate your feedback.

from the get-go, i thought to myself, this is like broadway to me. i get to see some famous people and hear them talk…and i probably won’t fall asleep. :smiley:

i’m a behavior specialist/counselor - what i went to college for (and spent 45,000 on). i want to really take notice on how everyone around me is behaving and what makes them tick.

i want to see how marketers/sellers talk. i’m not a salesman by trade. i know a thing or two, but at the end of the day, i really need to improve my “rainmaker” skills. in any business, if YOU can’t make it rain, you’ll dry up.

as for all the seminars, i don’t know that i’ll attend very many. my fiance and i plan to have a nice time in the city, spend the night, get a nice dinner, etc… :wink:


no matter what anyone thinks of these guys, i consider them masters of success.

thanks again Mike.