Anyone attend any webinars?? Possible Rob Swanson??

I signed up for one of their webinars by Rob Swanson, and I was wondering if anyone else has attended any of the webinars and if so what are your thoughts? Also, has anyone had any success using Thanks.

The site is great for Wholesalers posting their deals (like me!) and for investors looking for great deals. I’m in the Houston area so I only look at that region, not sure how other areas are. There is some great free training under the Resources area but most of the webinars and links to external products are simply affiliate marketing where the myhousedeals folks are promoting the event using their mailing list. They then get a kick back, er affiliate marketing fee, if you buy something from their link.

Most free webinars are worth exactly what you pay for them, and the real point of them is to get you to buy a product offered by the speaker. I’ve attended enough now and I recommend you attend a few of these just to get a feel for the marketing aspect of them. Some do offer some good content but it’s mainly a sales pitch and the key content is behind a paywall. By the way, you can often sign up to be an affiliate and if you do buy the product you can use your own link and get the discount/referral fee paid to you!

I HIGHLY recommend you find your local area REI (real estate investment) Club and join. These are the people actually doing deals and with knowledge of your area. Each state has different rules and different contracts that will work. A national guru probably won’t have a sales contract specific to your state and they probably won’t know the attorneys, title companies and real estate agents who can best help in your town. REIs can help you find these quick as well as being the best place for networking.

Good luck!