Im am planning a trip to Maryland and Virginia in about 2 weeks.
Are there any investors in these two states that would like to meet and look for some potential properties?
I am going to see one, but not too sure on the market there.
From a contact i was told of a property that is vacant.
He currently reside in ny taking care of his parents and may decide to stay here.
He told me i can go see his property, but he is still not too sure whether or not he is going to sell it.
I think its still worth the look and from what i have heard in certain areas its hot and this is a good time to get into buying properties.\

Please dont take this wrong but true REI’s only move off of numbers… Numbers are what makes investors move… If the numbers make sense the investors will come looking for you… Can you get any other information about these properties?

Right off, the bat you have an unmotivated seller " He told me I can go see his property, but he is still not too sure whether or not he is going to sell it. " This statement alone tells me as an investor to not even bother with looking at the property!

Investors are not going to be motivated to spend time with you looking at real estate until you establish yourself with them as a professional not a novice.

Before going to any market to invest in you should research the market so that you can focus on properties that will produce profit.

I cant agree more about everything being numbers. I wish some people had haf a brain. I work with some of my investors. The first thing i do with any property is work up the numbers and make sure there is a cash flow coming if the property is purchased. MEanwhile when i talk to a realtor about seeing the homes they always come with “thier list” of houses they want to show also. Most of them are ones i already looked at and knew that there was no cash flow coming. I hate wasting everyones time looking at stupid things. I really wish i could find a reator that had half a brain and saw the concept. After looking at 7 houses today the two it looks like that will be purchased are the two i had looked into for cash flow and the rest were not interesting.

i read this quote somewhere " don’t be a motivated buyer, find a motivated seller" only profitable #'s should spark an interest.