Anybody watch Armando tonight???

What a bloated windbag. I haven’t watched Flip This House since Trademark MADE that show and decided to check it out tonight. I saw Montangelo and his crew… what a bunch of crap. Drama drama drama. What a waste… any thoughts??

shocker!! :shocked . he is an immature chuvenistic piglet (not good enough at it to be a full fledged pig yet). i hear he is doing a book with robert allen & robert’s publishers. what’s up with that? after making an a$$ of himself he almost always has to admit that veronica(his wife) is right. he has the ego from hell. it’s all opinion &
debateable :argue . he’s a prime example of what NOT to be when you grow up ! :bobble i need to get off my soapbox,it’s not a good blood pressure day today.

I haven’t seen that show in a while. I don’t think people should take it too seriously. It’s basically an entertaining show, with the characters wilding out to get the viewers to see what they’ll do next.

I spent my time more wisely doing my homework for my real estate license class.

You ever have fun Rich? Not that Flip This House is fun anymore. I would agree that it is in no way helpful to newbies but more of a “show”. I do think that I am going to get a little white dog to carry around like Ginger… LOL :beer

Armando and that whole group are a bunch of clowns. I saw the preview for it but didn’t waste my night watching it. Trademark has some newer shows on TLC now. I find Trademark to be the real deal and actually have a relative in Greenville SC who knows about them and agrees that they are a great company.


I did, unfortunately. I agree with everyone, Armando is one big windbag. It’s one thing to be firm, and set in your ways, and another to be disrespectful to others around you, including your wife. No wonder his brother seems to no longer be a part of things…

I mostly watch Property Ladder, Flip THAT House, Real Estate Pros and the Real Deal. I do occassionally watch Flip This House, usually watch the one with Trademark but not so much the ones with San Antonio and ATL, they just make me feel dirty watching them. I think my favorite is Property Ladder, it shows a lot of the problems investors have and gives a reality dose to wannabes. Plus Kirsten on PL is easy on the eyes. :wink:

We recently got cable (I know we’re behind the times but we were rehabbing the house and it was an expense we didn’t need at the time and probably still don’t need) and I have been glued to TLC all weekend. They didn’t use to show so many shows about flipping and basically this whole weekend was shows about flipping. It’s a bad thing because I’ve been glued to the TV for two days! I do miss seeing the Trademark properties group. Are they on at all anymore? Flip this house used to be dedicated to just the Trademark group I thought, I guess now they feature different people?

Look for the Real Deal and Real Estate Pros, they have the Trademark team:

trademark used to be on A&E; to find out why they changed to TLC
google : flip that lawsuit . i’m glad to see more of the shows being realistic enough to show the problems the flipper had & to show more of the real holding costs . reality shows need to tell the truth or they aren’t reality :banghead

That’s our inspiration! More reality!! I have had ENOUGH of the CRAP out there! Anybody watch Flipped Out? That eccentric fella that goes nuts all the time??? So many shows don’t cover really what goes into this business…

Wow, I didn’t know all that “drama” happened. I really enjoyed Flip This House. Oh well. I’ll have to take a look at there new show. I haven’t seen any previews for it, but hopefully I can catch it next time it’s on. Thanks for the info everyone.

Yeah Chanda, dude jumped in his contractors truck and spun out in the front yard like he just won a Nascar race. Tore up the yard and spit mud all over the front of the house just to “prove a point”. Ridiculous. If I acted like that my wife and contractor would kick my a$$. Huge drama!

Once again…it’s a show people. Dubbed “reality” show or not, it’s all hyped to get people to talk about it and get more viewers to check it out, which seems like it’s happening.

You have a point there J

That show did exactly what it was supposed to do…get everyone around the water cooler (and forums) to talk about it, thus creating interest. IF Armando is really like that, I feel sorry for his wife and contractors, but I think it’s all for show. Well at least Veronica (with her sexy self) did finally at least stand up for herself. I don’t watch it for lessons or tips, that’s what Property Ladder is for. Armando is strictly entertainment.

And yes, his brother David has left and is working with T.R.I.B.E or something like that. I believe the brothers fell out after that “cat house” when Armando wanted to skimp on the rehab.

So again, if I want to laugh, I turn on Armando if I want to learn something, I turn on Property Ladder with that beautiful Kirsten. Oh, as far a Trademark, they are too busy fixing football stadiums and what not to even interest me.

I stopped watching that show, but I had flipped around and saw his bizarre behavior. I was horrified - even if it was built up for drama, what an immature idiot.
The line I love the best was when he said
“I know you are the best at what you do because I taught you everything you know” :rolleyes

I feel terrible for their kids.