Anybody want to short-sale Ed McMahon's house? Or Evander Holyfield's?

Most likely location:
12000 Crest Court, Beverly Hills, CA
Serial# 2382020034

(Possibly old address?
516 N Crescent Dr, Beverly Hills, CA
Serial# 4344005006)

The listing?

Someone’s rather abrasive analysis:
(Be sure and note the listing for Britney Spears house in that article)

Evander Holyfield:
794 Evander Holyfield Highway
Fairburn, Georgia

Washington Mutual has his mortgage Hahaha!

The Public Notice (this link may not last long)

$156,545.87 in property taxes a year!!!

A really nice pad, though!

All the legal documents filed for Evander:
(Note how he has an adujstable rate mortgage that began adjusting on April 1, 2008 snicker)

Ok, so here’s the dare for the next 90 days. I DARE someone to go door knock these guys doors and see if they will let you do a short-sale for them. Or seller financing. Or Lease Option. :biggrin I would love to know what happens at Evander Holyfield’s house. :shocked I’m sure they has some pretty high-class real-estate agents already working on things. Can you imagine the sweet comission those agents get??


Ha! You’re are all too late! :stuck_out_tongue: Someone beat you to the punch. So, who had the balls to door knock Ed McMahon’s foreclosure??? Why… Donald Trump, of course! :beer Looks like he’s gonna buy it in foreclosure and lease it back to Ed. Rock on Donald!

And it does look like Evander Hollyfield took care of his, too:

Isn’t it sad that one could earn so much money - many millions of dollars - and go broke in the future?

I’ve read the story about Ed being crippled and no longer able to work, but he’s something like 70-80+ years old. He should of saved enough by now! LOL

But since financial responsibility is not taught in schools, I’m not surprised though.