Anybody use this company

Has anyone used this company
I got a quote from them today at 5.6% NOO 80% LTV

never heard of them… but that doesn’t mean much.

GooD LucK! :beer

That would be a super rate if it is true… I have a hard time believing that 5.6 on a NOO would be realistic without buying down the rate.

I’ll check the rate sheets when they come out this AM and repost then.

That is what I thought, BofA was at 6.375. The quote was with .5 points, I’ll see if he calls me back this morning.

Today’s rate sheet indicates that an OO property 5.625 for a conventional 30 year.

With hits for NOO, you are looking at 7.125 if the LTV is under 75% and 7.625 if the LTV is over 75%.

All banks will have different numbers but they are all going to be in this ball park.

I am guessing that the quote you have has an error in it… could be a resonable error… maybe the guy just made a mistake.