anybody make any money doing this?

I just signed up for this service it is free and looks very promising. To me it looks like it is a glorified buyers list. These kind of things always make me skeptical, but I really don’t see anything bad here. Sorry about the link. It is the only way I can point ya there. I just want to know if this is a scam???

No one has heard of this? Not getting a warm fuzzy feeling on this. It seems like a reputable company. It seems like if you have the leads, it can not hurt to see if you make any cash on it? You don’t have to buy anything or pay anything. Or am I not seeing something?

I looked into that site and from what I could see it was nothing more than a glorified pyramid scheme.

Ya I see that, but I come up with these so I figured to pass them in and see what happens. So far I see no hidden fees