Anybody in Charlotte, NC?

I’m starting my real estate investing career in Charlotte, NC and I was wondering if anyone on this forum actively invests (flip, wholesale, rehab e.t.c) in the Charlotte Metro?

I would like some Info on actively lending HARD MONEY LENDERS in Charlotte or outside Charlotte but who will lend for projects in Charlotte.

Also what neighborhoods would you advise me to focus my investing in.

Thank you all

I’m a local investor here in Charlotte and also a native to the area. Are you still looking for information? I’ve just joined this forum so this post is a bit late in response!


Hello CLT I am also a wholesaler here in Charlotte… any info you have would be great and very helpful what areas are good to find wholesale deals and who’s buying… I’m also looking for a mentor, if you are one or could recommend someone knowledgeable and good with people please let me know… will work for knowledge and information I do coffee runs wash cars bird dog whatever j/k but seriously anything would help :smile

Hey guys I am located in NC as well, about an hour or so away from Charlotte. Just wondered if you guys prefer to wholesale, sell or rent properties? I live over near Hickory, NC.

You can pm me (my phone just died :banghead )