Anybody here bought any infomericals on real estate investing?

Anybody here bought any infomericals on real estate investing?
If you did, which one did you buy?, and can you please leave some contact information… so I can get in touch with you

I assume that you are asking about REI courses. I bought the Carleton Sheets No Money Down course when I first started. It is an excellent course and I would recommend it to beginners. I also bought Pat Tarr’s asset protection course which has saved me thousands of dollars on entity formation and also helped prevent one lawsuit. Finally, I bought a note buyer course from Donna Bauer and I used it to make $26,000 within 3 weeks of purchasing the course.

In addition, to these courses, I have read almost every book on REI and found many of them to be quite good.

One thing all of these courses and books have in common is that they paint an overly-optimistic picture of REI. Most of them grossly underestimate the expenses and the work involved. Moreover, most overestimate the profit involved. I have found professional organizations such as the National Apartment Association to be much more accurate sources of accurate information than the “gurus”.