Anybody have success handing out business cards/flyers door to door?

I was thinking about literally walking up and down the street handing them out on Saturday afternoon and early evenings during the week.

I was going to target people that did not yet have a "For Sale"s sign.

Has anybody had luck with this?


I printed out door hangers that had a space for me to write out the address of the house and a short message. I would drive around and look for houses in disrepair or with high grass and leave one on the door. We got a few calls from this but for some reason, I guess I got too busy with other things and I quit doing it. I can send you the template if you like. You can buy the precut paper at most paper supply houses. :biggrin

This could work and some do get deals out of it. Just make sure you have a good message on your flyer, not just “I buy houses” thing. Also, make up a presentation that you may give people you meet.

The cost of such campaign is very low, it is worth a shot but make sure to hit many doors since you are pretty much doing a shotgun approach.