Anybody Have Any Good Ideas On Finding Bird Dog in Southern California?

Do anybody in here have marketing advice on finding bird dog in So California?


Yes, what Michael said…

Also you can take an ad out in your local paper.

If you go to your local REI Club, you’ll meet a lot of very new people.
Network there and see who is out chasing leads, but is unable to wholesale at the moment.

You’ll find many potential bird dogs that way. But it is a continuous process. If people are good at finding deals, they’ll move on to wholesaling so make sure you treat them and pay them well so they stick around for a while.


Oh and one more thing.

Train them!

If you just send them out and say go get me some deals, you’ll have little success.

Treat them like the special ops pros they can be and they’ll find you some crazy deals.

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Sometimes you can find bird dogs by calling other “we buy house” signs and ads.