Anybody got GPS in their car?

I’m thinking about getting the Garmin III Deluxe… the one that talks.

Anybody got one of these, already? Or any other brand you can recommend?

These things are cool… they verbally tell you when to turn. I can’t wait for the Ebonics upgrade package to be released.

"Turn here, you fool, " in a Redd Fox voice.

Dude… do you ever return your phone messages?

I left you a message today.

Do I need GPS in my car to get a call?

LOL :mrgreen:

Back at cha’,

Dude… Check your voicemail.

That message about Officer Dana O’Rourke, from the Austin Police Dept. getting a report about you molesting neighborhood animals… that was really me… busting your chops.

Call me. (Home number… I left it on the VM). We’ll do lunch.

I was out to dinner with Tim when you called.

Tim’s the one who’s usually in trouble with the law so I figured the message was for him.


I’ll call you manana.

I have my laptop mounted in my vehicle with GPS attached. I’ve found this to be the best solution and much more versatile then a stand alone GPS.

The primary software I use is CoPilot (voice recognition, good display, auto-rerouting). You can get it at

If you have a list of 20 houses you are going to visit, you can punch in all the addresses and it will give you the most efficient route to all of them, VERY handy!