Anybody got a good recipe for cat food?

We need to get a good recipe for cat food. That is what most of us are going to be eating when we “retire”. In actuality no body is going to be able to retire. We are just going to go to working part time at Wal Mart. I am old enough to remember that you went to work for a “good company” and you were going to retire with a pension. The 401k was added as a supplement to your retirement. Retirement requires a three legged stool pension, savings and social security. If any one of those legs was not there you had to hold up that stool by continuing to work. Now social security is not going to be there and neither is the main leg, pensions.
We need to stop working and start buying real estate in order to create wealth so that when we are old, we can live our retirement years in dignity. I will need income more than net worth so I am concentrating on cash flow and will let the net worth take care of itself.