anybody dealt with US Business Loans?

If anybody has dealt with US Business Loans or has dealt with anyone pitching the concept of using shelf corporations to obtain funding through US Business loans please contact me. thank you

I haven’t used this company and know nothing about them, but using shelf corporations to create business loans is shady and i would suggest you have nothing to do with company that engages in shady business practices.

actually thats the reason of this post, Im trying to find others who have been dealing with this company so I can find out more info from their results or lack there of

They engage in shady business practices. Do you really need more information?

I dont need any more information about USB Loans itself, I need to know if anybody else has tried used them. Trust me, I know they are into shady business, me being a novice investor, I thought it would be an opportunity to obtain more funding for near future investments, turns out its bank fraud they tried to have me commit. Thats why I need to find out if anybody else has dealt with them, for legal reasons.

Read is on the forum.Heard bay things. STAY AWAY.