Any Wholesalers in FLORIDA or GEORGIA?

Hey guys?

Anyone investing in these areas? I need a few pointers…when it comes to wholesaling in these areas.

Please let me know.


I’m full time in Tampa, FL.

Best advice I can give you is to know your market VERY, VERY, well.

Also, having buyers lined up is a huge bonus.

Steph :biggrin

I was going to respond… TampaSteph is a full time wholesaler… LOL

I am just starting out (like you), like Steph said, know your area. I read my Sunday papers all the time, I get daily listings from anywhere I can, I also look at recent houses being sold. I guess you get the point, you have to drain this into your head.

Another advice I can give you is to start making phone calls to anyone and everyone. Potential buyers, sellers, other investors, service contacts (e.g) plumber, electricians, contractors, etc, title companies, hard money lenders.


BTW: I am down south in Miami, FL.

Cool. Thank you guys!!