Any Rich Dad folks out there?

Hi All,
I’m new to the forum here, but not new to REI. Over the past 4-5 years I’ve purchased and held two rental properties. This year while getting serious about my investments I’m realizing they aren’t where I’m going to make my money, at least from a standpoint of creating cash for more investment.

REI is always something I’ve been interested in, even as a younger (sniff sniff) person, I always wanted to invest in RE. I grew up in a college town, my dad managed a large number of college apartment buildings, and the area around campus is full of rental income. So i grew up around it. I love houses, I love hunting them, I love meeting people, I just love the whole game. I even like working on the rentals I have, but I need to take this thing to the next level.

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad about 5 years ago and it actually gave me the motivation to buy my first rental. I have always like his philosophy of the investor mindset and the processes and simplified strategies for building your wealth. At least simplified from a point of being able to understand the principals.

I was wondering if there were any other folks out here who appreciated the Rid Dad brand and wondering if you’d be wiling to share your experience with it. Have you used the Rich Dad Education products. The software in particular is something I’m interested in. I’d love to have the 30K to dive in an consume all the training that is available, but my logical side tells me there is a lot I can learn from places like this so that’s why I’m here.

I hope to learn a great deal out here, so far it seems the best resource in forum format that I’ve come across. So far I’ve picked up some good information from the experienced folks out here. Much tanks for the effort to share and help.

Looking forward to connecting!

i like what he teaches. however you have to be a bit more experienced in real estate investing to really appreciate the concepts. It is a simple but also advanced

I took the coaching course. Don’t do it! Find a local REIA and learn from someone that lives and invests in your area. If you live in Central Texas, I can meet with you and tell you about what I learned from the Rich Dad course.

Chris Jameson

Robert Kiyosaki is one of the greatest teachers of fairly complicated financial issues that I’m aware of. I’ve got about five or six of his books. There’s some overlap between them, but they’re quite thought provoking.

I played CashFlow101 (or whatever it’s called) with my relatives a few years back. The adults in the game were mostly slack-jawed droolers when it came to understanding what the point was. The kids…picked up on the game, and really became quite competitive about the whole thing. It was both instructive and fun to witness the different reactions and how the game played out.

Every kid should be playing this game at home with the family, until capitalism is understood as the financial problem solver it is for everyone who understands it. Capitalism is a godsend wherever it’s allowed to thrive.

I’m not a big fan of the real estate gurus. I know the Rich Dad series are popular books but it’s a lot of motivational talk and hype in some ways.

being raised in a family where money management - wasnt, we eventually had the law enforcement come and evict us. RD/PD was a revelation to me, the principle to purchase investments and live of the investments was the biggest light bulb, ever. Ever since Ive researched real estate because I feel RE is the best tool to get me where I want to go in life. Im 26 and am closing in on my first RE purchase.

yes Robert Kiyosaki is the man he changed my life and the way i look at things most importantly… I think thats the main agenda of his books is to change your perspective on the way you look at money and the way it works… " have your money work for you not the other way around" my friends and family always ask to borrow my books and i always decline cause i use them to reference back all the time gotta love the guy… :beer

I like the Rich Dad series and have read several of them. They are inspirational, but not instructional.