Any Real Investors Out There ?

i have located numerous properties with a minimum of $20,000 equity,which was the requirements of investors that have contacted me ,only to find,that they are just trying to flip these deals,and cannot move forward on these deals.i also have located commercial props with $400,000 equity.i have a few good commercial deals that i have found,1 even has $10,000,000 in equity.i hate to let these deals go away,but the so called investors ,that asked me to locate props for them,cant seem to put a deal together.any true investors looking for good deals?


Where are you located? my best advice is to join a local investment club…the networking possibilities there are endless. You and I have opposite problems, you see…I’ve got several investors that have the cash…but I can’t seem to find anyone who wants to sell…go figure huh? Goodluck.

tx investor i may have an investor for you i went to the GSREIA meeting lastweek and meet some great people, but i cant seem to find any property (birddogging)…are these rehabs?

TX Investor,

I’m a TX (DFW) Birddog and regarding the advice of joining a real estate investing club…I tried to join one in Dallas earlier this month, but it seemed VERY suspicious and not “professional.” Because I am also a mortgage loans officer, I would find it extremely beneficial to network with these investors, etc. My advice is to be cautious, do some homework before you make any unneccessary trips to these clubs. If anyone also had any good recommendations for investing clubs that would be great!

Hey JMark, have you tried the FtW club? Just curious as I am moving to the area (mid-cities) and read your comment about the Dallas meeting. Plan on attending both as soon as I get into town.


I haven’t tried the FtW club…it looked like the Ft.W club that I would have been interested in only meets on Mondays or something odd like that. Because of this, it didn’t work to well with my schedule. Did you have a recommendation Betty?

Hello again JMarc,

Don’t really have a recommendation since I am not in town yet and haven’t attended either; I am also not aware if there is more than one club. The Dallas club I am referring to is located on Stemmons Freeway and meets the first Thursday of each month, the FtW club meets the third Thursday. The Dallas website seems to have a lot of stuff going on, can’t find out anything about FtW when I check out the links, so I will have to investigate further. I will be at the Dallas meeting in November to see if that will be a good networking and learning source. The site (if you need it) is Good luck, maybe I will see you there. Betty

jmarc 85
aim in NJ i dont have an idea of what investment clubs to join or attend…
can anyone out there help me out.


That’s the club meeting I went to earlier this month. I believe the leader of the group name is Cathy or something to that sort. Now the website is what drew me to the meeting because the site seems very informative, however, at the actual meeting, I just was not impressed and was disappointed because I had my own idea of what a network meeting would be like. They (dfwrein) seemed more concerned about getting your membership fee than actually getting to know YOU. Again, I’m not trying to stop you and if you are in Dallas, the mileage shouldn’t hurt you too much. Visit the property for yourself and hopefully maybe its for you, just be cautious and not so quick to jump in head first.

Kb - I recommend you do a google search for real estate investor clubs in the New Jersey area. I have went ahead and pulled up a couple of websites that you might find helpful:

Because of course the nature of the businesss, rei clubs are pretty much word of mouth or a product of deep investigation; pretty much for only serious opportunity seekers. Good luck and let me know if I can be of anymore help.


Try visiting the Real Estate Clubs link under Investor resources to the left of this post

jmarc 85 thanks for all your help i will be attending a class to gain more knowledge about this game…ill keep you posted on my progress…

Hello all…about clubs being suspicious, I do agree that you must exercise caution when joining a club…there are a lot of fraud out there that just see you as a dollar sign. However, I am part of a prestigious investor network, which prides itself on educating and providing consistent and constant support to their members. We have coaching conference calls twice a week where we all get on the line and speak to experienced investors…ask our questions, etc. They hold intensive seminars which gives you a wealth of info. They have their own mortgage company which provides fincancing just to it’s community members. They even have their own college which is taught by investors that have actually done the job themselves and became very successful.

I have only been a member for about a month, and you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve learned. Another six months from now, and I know I will be telling people that joining this club changed my life. It is that great…and I am totally sincere. Look it up, it is a nation wide network of investors…and most assuredly it has got to be the best real estate community you could possible join!! It is called Nouveau Riche.

Good Luck,

I hope to hear you all on a conference coaching call soon.

Dear Mdhaas,

Could not find that Investors resource on the post you are talking about

Also, does anyone knows of any good investor’s club to join in Columbus, OH?


Can you tell me how Nouveau Riche advertises? Infomercials, radio, magazines, direct mail?

I have thought about their program, but haven’t seen any advertising. What are their annual sales? I like to know the size of the company I’m investing my education in!