Any real estate investors from nebraska

Ok well I’m trying to build up my network,but so far I can’t find any real estate investors/clubs in nebraska.Is there anybody from nebraska,any clubs in real estate?

Im not from Nebraska but do business with several Insurance company based investors from there.

You say your trying to build your network, in what places is your network lacking?

What sort of specific areas of real estate investing are you focusing on that someone would want to be in your network to learn and or have you help them with?

If there isnt anyone in Nebraska interested in real estate investing, I should move there, we could dominate the market ;D

I live in Lincoln and will be graduating from college soon and am VERY interested in getting into the flipping/rehab biz…As far as I know I think there is 1 major REIclub in Omaha but I’m not sure about Lincoln or elsewhere.