Any Real Estate Investment Magazines Out There?

I keep scanning the over-full magazine racks at my favorite eatery and bookstore, but I can’t find any real estate investment-type magazines. Only “Real Estate Listings for Sale” magazines.

Do any of you subscribe to a valued printed magazine? Sort of like REIClub?

Entrepreneur Magazine, Money and Forbes are all okay, but too general.


I find most of the magazines like Money, Kiplinger’s, etc basically just focus on the stock market as being the only pathway to wealth.
Haven’t seen any REI type magazines, but I can only imagine something like that being turned into a 100 page want ad for every “guru” in the world to sell their courses.

Great business opportunity! Start a monthly real estate investment magazine!

I can’t believe the other magazines that I see in the racks–“All-Out Quilting”, “Mid-Century Decorating”, “Pizza Lovers Monthly”, “American Snowball Fighters”, “Western Marble Connosieur”.

Okay, I am making some of them up, but where’s the real estate mag that I want to find in my mailbox? Why can’t I be a charter subscriber? Is there an REIA magazine? Or am I too old-fashioned and it’s all on the internet?


Furnished…I’m going to start one!!!

I need a name…any ideas???

Furnished......I'm going to start one!!!!!

I need a name…any ideas???

How about… The Real Estate Investor, Real Estate Investing Monthly, Real Estate Opportunity, Real Estate Investing Best Buys…Or just Real Estate Investment Magazine.

REAL Opportunity REAL Estate Magazine.

Here’s a good on…

I also like to read the CRE (Counselor of Real Estate) publications.

Sean L,
Thanks for the magazine tips. Those sound like good commercial-oriented magazines.

Still wish there was a general “Real Estate Investor” magazine. That could be the title that says it all. I’ll be a charter subscriber, do your magazine, FDJake!


How about simply “REI” . The target audience will know what it means.

Good idea, Mdhaas.

There have to be some publishing-types affiliated with this website.

The new advertisers could, of course, be all the gurus. There could be monthly articles rating guru-quality.

Also any home repair company, contractors, real estate sales companies, bath-tub refurbishers…they would all want to advertise.

A magazine that I liked, and subscribed to–Western Living–just folded. It was replaced by some horrible mag touting high-end luxury homes in Arizona. Not a good switch at all.