Any re agents here with their CCIM designation?

I just passed my classroom final and should be taking my state license test in about a month. Looking to start working towards my CCIM as quickly as possible and hit the ground running. Also, I’m looking to join a brokerage that does all or mostly commericial as this is where I ultimately want to end up. No sense joining a residential brokerage as I won’t learn anything of value. Just curious how many have their CCIM designation and how you felt about the courses and process. Also if anyone has any of their training materials still and want to unload them let me know.

For those that don’t know what I am talking about please click here:

I’m not an agent and I haven’t taken any of the classes, but one of the owners of the company I work for has taken all of the required classes for the designation. He said that the classes are very “real world” and are geared toward the investor mindset.

I plan on taking the courses even though I don’t plan on becoming a broker. I decided to become a commercial appraiser instead. Both career choices have their own unique challenges. You can make more money as a broker, but that comes with longer hours and alot more stress. The networking opportunities are better in brokering as well. Appraising has its own advantages. I will continue to appraise and slowly get into investing, until one day I will hopefully just be investing.

Or you can do what my license instructor did and do both. No reason you can’t do both. If the hours are too much you can be an appraiser and an agent rather than a broker.

I will be starting CCIM classes in January. Im pretty excited about the knowledge and networking opportunities. I’ll keep you posted.