Any other Forums on the web as good as REICLUB??

i love the wealth of information I have found and provide on REICLUB, but I was wondering if there are any other good Forums that people frequent besides here to get a larger crowd.

-clayton :shocked

Please don’t “bump” items to the top after an hour…not everyone logs on during the day – be patient and give it a while. Someone will answer.

BTW, there is no other site that measures up.


There are other sites that are ok but this site is bar none the winner for the amount of info and this site is far more active than the others I’ve been to.

Best site ever. Take whatever time you were thinking about spending on those other websites and read some old posts on here… :beer

Flippinghomes dotcom Is pretty informative as well with quick response time. That is Steve Cooks forum. He also has a lot of articles on this great forum as well. is also a great forum I like to visit. Wealth of info and great articles as well.

Dealmakers cafe is another really good site. :argue IMO this is all subjective .
happy hunting.