:cool HEY with all the subprime going or gone ,and the loans getting harder to get !!

MY question is this IS any one know of any one who is doing simultaneous closings any more any where ???


I am working on one that is closing this week. What exactly are the parameters of the deal?

:cool HEY CHRIS thank you for the post

YOU are speaking of the owner finance simo close right ??

Where the owner gives temporay finance and the note is all ready sold at the close right ???

The deal I am working on is SIMO closing where a buyer bought a house for 279K from a builder. We recorded the deed yesterday morning. The title company updated immediately and we are closing today on the new purchase at a sale price of 365k.

:cool OKAY this is what iam dealling with i do not think we are on the same page ???

buyer puts 10 % or more down and the sellers carry back a (temporay) note for the balance . AT the close the sellers note all ready has a buyer in place for the note .

ALL SO called table funding SO the seller has the note only at most a week if that

:cool CHRIS i think you may be thinking of a double close??? THERE is no second sale just the one

Youmay be right. I apologize for the misunderstanding.

:cool NO problem

THE whole thing is really a note buy but it is all done and said before the deal is complet !!

WHERE by some note broker // loan person finds a investor to buy the note for a set discount at the close . THIS all is set in place before the note is really made