Any one from washington state?

I’m as newbie as newbie can be, i’m 44 and just now figuring out that real estate is prob. my only means of a retirement.
I will ask alot of questions so please be patient. :banghead:

Thank you

Voodoo… Welcome and good luck. The only stupid question is the one that you do not ask!

Welcome Karl…ask away.

What part of REI do you think interests you or do you think you may pursue?


Well i have very bad credit, but i know someone who has alot of money who wants to invest, so i was thinking of flipping 2 or 3 homes, with them putting up the money and me doing everything else for 35% of the profits.
After 2 or 3 flips i would have enough to begin repairing my creit thru loans secured thru my saving account paying back the loan with the loan, this would also then have the capital to go it alone.
My ultimate goal is to aquire rental props. and have my tenents pay them off.
But i have no idea where to start.